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New service: UniShare a Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) for Research Data

It's a common question among researchers: how can we securely and efficiently store, share, and collaborate on research data in a research project? The answer is UniShare, a service specifically developed to meet this need. UniShare allows researchers to store their valuable data in the University of Twente's data center, without relying on external cloud storage. Additionally, UniShare provides easy access controls, allowing researchers to log in with their own institutional accounts. 

UniShare utilizes Nextcloud, a powerful and versatile open-source software solution that provides both server and client functionality for a Content Collaboration Platform. By leveraging Nextcloud as its foundation, UniShare can offer a seamless user experience with advanced features such as file sharing, version control, and data synchronization across different devices. 

One of the key features of UniShare is the ability to grant access to both internal and external researchers, allowing everyone to use their own institutional identity. This is made possible through the use of SRAM, which stands for SURF Research Access Management. SRAM is a reliable and secure method for verifying identities and granting access to linked research services, in this case, UniShare for research data. 

UniShare is a product of the University of Twente. It is an innovative solution that has the potential to transform the landscape of research data management. 

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