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Privacy contact persons

The University of Twente has appointed Privacy Contact Persons (PCPs) in each faculty and service department. The PCPs advise their own unit about privacy and information security and are the first point of contact within their unit. PCPs thus are the link between the DPO team (see below) and University of Twente staff. The PCPs and the DPO team meet regularly to bring each other up to date on policy developments and to initiate actions in order to comply with current legislation. The PCPs’ main duties are the following:

Data protection officer

The law stipulates that a Data Protection Officer (DPO) must be appointed to protect personal information. The DPO supervises the application of and compliance with privacy legislation in the entire organization. The DPO's duties include the following:

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Information security officer

The Information Security Officer (ISO) is part of University Information Management and functions on a strategic and tactical level. The ISO, together with the Head of Information Management, advises the Executive Board. It formulates the information security policy and assists in a correct translation to institutional components. In addition, the ISO monitors the uniform compliance with the policy and reports on gaps, inconsistencies and shortcomings.

IT security manager 

The IT Security Manager is part of LISA and plays an important role in translating the strategy and policies into tactical (and operational) plans. He does this in consultation with the Information Security Officer.

The IT Security Manager is coordinator of CERT-UT. He also advises on specific information security measures in projects, varying from standing projects to acquisitions of, for example, software or hardware. Every quarter a management report is drawn up for the LISA Management team, the Information Security Officer, the head of Information Management and the Executive Board.

In addition, the IT Security Manager is the point of contact for HR when conducting crisis exercises at the UT if they contain an IT component.

IT Security Manager
Marc Berenschot
(+31 53 489) 4615
IT Security Manager
Peter Peters
(+31 53 489) 2301


The Computer Emergency Response Team of the University consists of IT professionals from LISA. They investigate all reports in the field of computer security and privacy and engage the necessary (technical) specialists to solve the incident. When a report has a privacy aspect, CERT-UT works directly with the FG team. Incidents relating to employees' workplaces or devices are relayed to the LISA ICT service desk. 

CERT-UT also maintains contacts with teams from other educational institutions and with SURFcert, SURF's overarching, coordinating team.

Computer Emergency Response Team - University of Twente
(+31 53 489) 1313

ICT servicedesk

The ICT Service Desk is part of LISA and the first point of contact for incidents that are not related to security or privacy. If an incident reported to the ICT Service Desk appears to contain one of these components, they will contact CERT-UT.