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COVID-19 regulations (update 15 February)

During the press conference of Tuesday 15 February multiple relaxations of the corona regulations have been announced in three consecutive steps. This means that more will become possible the coming time with regards to cultural activities in the Vrijhof. Starting 16 February, nothing will change with regards to cultural activities. The following changes will be implemented on 18 and 25 February.

Starting 18 February

All locations are allowed to be open until 1:00. This means that all cultural activities in the Vrijhof can take place until closing time of the Vrijhof, at 0:00. The corona entry pass still needs to be checked when entering the rooms. However, once you are in the room it is not necessary anymore to sit in an assigned seat, wear a facemask or keep 1,5 meters distance. At activities with over 500 people, fixed seating and wearing a facemask when moving through the room are still necessary.

Starting 25 February

At activities of less than 500 people, the corona entry pass is no longer necessary. Furthermore, you do not have to keep 1,5 meters distance and wearing a face mask is not mandatory.

The following advices will still apply:

  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly.
  • Stay at home when you are showing symptoms and get tested at the GGD or do a self-test, even if you are vaccinated. Go in isolation after a positive test.
  • Provide enough fresh air

Although the 1,5 meters distance is not necessary anymore, please give each other enough space. 1,5 meters still is a safe distance. Additionally the advice for self-testing remains: Are you visiting a cultural activity or performance? Please do a self-test.

We are looking forward to welcoming you again in the Vrijhof, with (basicly) no restrictions. See you soon!