Covid-19 update 30 April 2020

In view of the extended Covid-19 situation, all educational activities of the University of Twente will continue to take place online until the end of this academic year. During the remainder of this current term, there will be no regular education on campus.

Students who are currently carrying out research activities for their bachelor or master thesis need to consult their thesis supervisor and make individual arrangements. The extend in which arrangements can be made depends on the availability of supervisors and the possibility to use the research facilities safely (whether requests for the use of labs will be granted, will be decided upon following the assessment procedure for gradual and partial re-opening of research infrastructure).

Lab activity on campus is gradually resumed on a limited scale for activities considered critical and urgent. In close consultation between faculties and service departments, the feasibility for further lab work is being examined, with safety and health regulations and guidelines taken into account. It is expected that for the short term, the number of activities will remain considerably limited.

Ps. Visit for all information on the Covid-19 situation. The previous mails that we have been sending are available online. For any further questions, contact us via

L.P.W. van der Velde (Laurens)
Press relations (available Mon-Fri)