Culture & Events: Corona update 4 November 2020

All performances, both by professionals and amateurs, have been cancelled. This is in line with the UT policy to limit public gatherings (and additional travel movements) as much as possible. 

Free Culture, courses and workshops:

With the exception of a single course or workshop that can be given online, the activities have been postponed. If you have registered for a course or workshop, you have already been notified via e-mail. 

Group lessons/association rehearsals:

Group lessons and association rehearsals have been cancelled, both in the Vrijhof and in the Sports Centre.. 

Free Culture, the music studios:

The studios in the Vrijhof for individual music practice are available during the opening hours of the Vrijhof. You can only come here on your own, it is not allowed to bring anyone with you. The pop studios are closed.. 


The exhibition rooms in the Vrijhof are accessible. This is public, transit space to other parts of the Vrijhof and the accessibility is related to the opening of the building. When viewing the works, keep a distance from each other and gallantly consider others who are on their way through the exhibition spaces to other parts of the Vrijhof. 

Offices and staff of Culture & Events:

Because we (almost all of us) work from home, Culture & Events employees are often not to be found in the Vrijhof. Unfortunately, you will not be able to drop in. Not only because we are not there, but also because most offices are not suitable for more than one person at a time.  

The following applies to everything:

Stay safe and healthy! Keep a close eye on our website, our social media (Facebook and Instagram) and your email. Changes or modifications are shared through these channels.