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After the Bachelor

getting your bachelor diploma 

After your bachelor, it’s up to you to decide how to continue working towards your future! You can enrol in a masters programme, look for a job, start your own company, etc. The possibilities are endless! 


Enrollment in a master requires you to have a bachelor diploma that takes some preparation to obtain: After obtaining sufficient grades for all study units of your curriculum, the Bureau of Educational Affairs will send your curriculum transcript to the examination board. The examination board will approve your curriculum by mail, indicating that you can indeed graduate and get a diploma. After that, your diploma will be made and signed, and send to you via email so you can send it to the master programme of your choice. 

For master programmes at the UT, it’s a somewhat easier process than for master programmes outside of the UT. For external master programmes, read through the instructions for enrolment carefully and seek some advice from the CreaTe staff so your enrollment can be completed in time. 

Check out our master page to get to know some masters often chosen by CreaTers! 

Note: IF you want to do a master at a university other than the UT AND IF you obtain your grade for your graduation project late in August (because you have an extension), then you may run into trouble with obtaining your diploma on time before the deadline of enrollment for a master outside the UT.

Starting your own company

CreaTers often go on to start their own company after their bachelor. It's an interesting process from which you can gain a lot of unique experiences. See below some of the companies that were kick-started by CreaTers: