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Collaboration & Partners

In its research projects, CHOIR collaborates with many healthcare organizations and companies in the healthcare sector, by means of contract research, PhD projects, and many BSc/MSc graduation projects. A selection of these can be found below.

CHOIR's academic network spans the globe. It has led to many mutual research visits, PhD student exchanges, and joint publications. CHOIR aims to have a broad visibility in the healthcare OR/OM conferences like those from EURO (ORAHS working group) and INFORMS. In 2012 we were honored to host the ORAHS conference, after becoming members of the 'ORAHS-family' in 2005 (Southampton conference). We owe much gratitude to the senior ORAHS members, like professors Michael Carter, Sally Brailsford, Stefan Nickel, and Yasar Ozcan, who were very supportive and generously provided many valuable advices when we started CHOIR.

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