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Route to assessment of personal circumstances

You have incurred A study delay or expect to incur a study delay

have your circumstances assessed in order to make use of exceptions for the BSA and/or MoMi standard or to be eligble to financial support. 

It is possible that you experience a study delay due to personal circumstances which can lead to failing the BSA (binding recommendation) and/or MoMi requirements. Also, you might be eligble for a financial compensation under FOBOS (Force Majeure Allowance). The Personal Circumstances Committee (CPO) assesses personal circumstances in relation to BSA, MoMi and FOBOS. Through the following questionnaire you can submit your application to have your personal circumstances assessed or you will receive information about the steps to take. 

If you don't meet the MoMi standard because EC's are allocated or processed too late because of for example a thesis, internship or another administrative reason please fill in the MoMi study progress form (pdf) instead

Questionnaire for assessment of circumstances
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  • BSA/MoMi
    • Submit your application before June 30 16:30.
    • Make your appointment with a student counsellor before June 30 16:30.
    • MoMi study progress form (pdf) has to be sent to momi@utwente.nl before August 25. 
  • Force Majeure Allowance (FOBOS)
    • Several deadlines apply. Please make an appointment with a student counsellor as soon as possible by contacting the secretariat SACC: www.utwente.nl/en/ces/sacc/