Residence Permit & Study Progress (MoMi)

MoMi requirements and study progress

Sufficient study progress

This means that you must obtain at least 50% of the EC that you can acquire during an academic year in order to keep your residence permit for the next academic year. In other words, if you are registered as a fulltime student for the entire academic year (i.e. your programme starts in September and finishes in August), you must obtain at least 30 of the 60 EC. In case you are starting or finishing your academic year in February, this means you must obtain at least 15 of the 30 EC since you are merely enrolled for one semester. In addition, you must successfully complete the preparatory year/pre-master/transition program in order to be able to enroll for the main course.
Please note that, although MoMi applies to all regular Bachelor, Pre-Master and Master non-EU/EEA students with a residence permit, the procedure for ITC-students differs from the information outlined below. If you are enrolled in the ITC faculty, please contact the ITC Student Affairs Office for further information.

In addition to MoMi, the University of Twente has set a ‘Binding Recommendation rule’ as well, which applies to Pre-Master and first-year Bachelor students. In order to continue your studies at the University of Twente, you must meet both criteria.

After the end of each academic year the MoMi Committee determines on behalf of the educational institution your annually study progress. During the academic year, the program will inform you about your study progress.

Fail to meet the MoMi requirements

In case you have obtained less than 50% of the required EC without any justifiable reason (see below), the University of Twente is obliged to report this to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). In most cases the IND will revoke your residence permit, you can't continue your study at the UT and you have to leave the Netherlands. If you want to study at the University of Twente again, you have to go through the whole Visa process again from your home country.

September 2018