student counsellor

report your exceptional personal circumstances

First, contact the study adviser of your educational programme if you have questions. Refer to the student counsellor if you need information and independent advice on topics related to your studies and personal situation.

The student counsellor has expertise in the areas of:

The student counsellors work university-wide and independent. The conversations are confidential.

unacceptable behaviour

In case of unacceptable behaviour, the confidential counsellor acts independently from the employer and functions as a sounding board and intermediary. The confidential counsellor will not judge nor make any decisions.

The cousellor can advise you, with or without the aid of a third party, or can mediate between the conflicting parties. The strictest confidentiality will be maintained.

make an appointment

Please contact the secretariat of SACC: +31 53 489 2035 or visit our desk in the Vrijhof, 3rd floor, room 311 (red desk).

If you have a question for the student counselor
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Student counsellors