Method of working Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)

See here how we at the registry CPO and at SACC deal with confidentiality

The Personal Circumstances Committee (CPO) is an advisory body of the Executive Board.
She implements the financial support regulation of the university, namely:

The CPO is also is responsible for the assessment of personal circumstances under the terms of:

CPO committee

Prof.Dr. B.J.R. van der Meulen (chair)
Prof.Dr. A. de Boer MSc (member)
Dr A. van den Boomgaard MSc (member)
Mrs D. Brandwagt MSc (member)
Mrs C. van Dijken LLM (advisor)


  • Willemijn Eendebak +31 53 489 4698
  • Monique van Heijst: +31 53 489 2254


Building Vrijhof, floor 3, room 316

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