Apply for recognition
as a top-level athlete
or top-level artist
application form
apply every academic year - before 1 December
Apply for payment of Grants
Grants payout
apply after the end of the academic year concerned (before 1 December) if you have recognition in category 1

FOBOS: a short explanation

Combine your studies with practising sports or cultural activities on a top-level

The Support Scheme for Top-level Sports and Top-level Arts is part of the FOBOS (Financial Support for Special Circumstances of Students). To benefit from this scheme, you can be recognized by the CPO (Committee Personal Circumstances). To do so, you must submit an application to the subcommittee Top-level Sport/Arts, after talking to a student counsellor. This subcommittee handles your submitted application and advises the CPO on the recognition. In case of questions, please contact the CPO registry via or contact a student counsellor.


Top-level athletes and top-level artists can be recognized in category 1 or 2. For artists, the subcommittee Top-level Sports/Arts will determine in which category you will be placed based on your application.

category 1

  • athletes with a NOC*NSF A-, B- or HP-status
  • athletes on the highest international senior-level
  • athletes on the highest international junior-level

Category 2

  • athletes on the highest national senior- or junior-level
  • athletes who belonged to category 1 and will return to that category in a short time


If you are recognized, you are entitled to the following facilities:

  • Custom-made tutoring
    Once per semester, you will make an integrated sports/culture- and study plan with your study adviser. This plan especially focuses on bottlenecks and solutions.
  • Free use of UT facilities
    Athletes can use sports facilities (e.g. gym) free of charge.
    Artists can consult the subcommittee Top-level Sports/Arts for possibilities.
  • Only when recognized in category 1: payment of 4 grants per recognized academic year (one grant is 1/12th of the tuition fee paid of the academic year in question).

Application procedures

  1. First, go to the student counsellor of SACC: Before you apply for recognition, you need to have a meeting with a student counsellor of SACC, to discuss the feasibility of your application. You can make the appointment via the SACC secretariat: +31 53 489 2035.
  2. Application for recognition as a top-level athlete/artist must be submitted from September 1st and before December 1st of the current academic year. At least attach a statement of your sports- or cultural federation, which mentions your level. You can upload the statement with your application or email it to
  3. Application for a grant (in case of recognition in category 1) can be submitted from September 1st and before December 1st after the concerning academic year. Only students recognized in category 1 are eligible for a maximum of 4 grants per academic year. When submitting, mentioning study delay is not necessary.
  4. If necessary: claiming costs incurred for the free use of UT facilities. When submitting, mention the sort of costs (such as fitness card or union card). Mentioning study delay is not necessary. In addition, sending proof of payment (such as a bank statement) to is mandatory.

Student union fund for top-level sports

If you are not (yet) eligible for the status of the top-level athlete, we refer you to the Student Union top-level sports fund.

FOBOS Regulation (pdf)