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An activism grant is a reward for members of a board or committee.

The Activism Grants Regulation is part of the FOBOS (Financial Support for Special Circumstances of Students). The Personal Circumstances Committee (CPO) assesses the applications on behalf of the Executive Board. The Student Union, together with the umbrella organizations, allocate the grants to the associations. In case of questions, please contact the CPO registry or a student counsellor.

The rules in short

  • The study progress during the period of your board/committee work is not of influence
  • A positive binding recommendation is required. When the binding recommendation is postponed, the application will also be postponed until the definitive recommendation
  • Bachelor's students or master's students are only eligible to grants if the period of the board/committee lays within the C+1 period, as from the moment of the first enrolment in a bachelors' programme in Higher Education. Students solely enrolled for a Premaster programme are not eligible to activism grants
  • Only fulltime enrolled students are eligible
  • The grants are a gift
  • The amount of the activism grant is equal to the tuition fee due on the 1ste of September previous the calendar year
  • The activism grants are maximized to 12 grants per calendar year (in case of several board or committee memberships and including grants for top-level sports and top-level arts)
  • The activism grants are maximized to 24 grants (up to max. € 8,000) for the total period of enrolment at the UT (top-level sports/arts grants included).
  • When you have activism grants in the same period in which you apply for a force majeure allowance (e.g. for illness), the activism grants will be deducted from the calculated support
  • FOBOS regulation 2018 applies to applications for the calendar year 2018

The recognized period

You are only eligible for activism grants if the board period falls within the C+1 period of your academic programme. C+1 = nominal study duration for the programme plus one extension year, as from the moment of the first enrolment for such a programme in Higher Education. Thus:

  • Bachelor's students: within the first 4 years of the bachelor programme, as from the moment of the first enrolment in a bachelors' programme in Higher Education.
  • Master's students: within the first 2 years of the master programme, as from the moment of the first enrolment of a one-year masters' programme in Higher Education. For Masters' programmes of 2 or more years, the period will be extended with those years.

The application procedure

The association

The umbrella organizations and Student Union discuss the allocation of the grants. After the concerning calendar year, the association submits the application before April 1st through the online application form.

The individual student

If your association has applied for grants on your behalf, you will receive an email (UT mailbox) with a link to the application in order to complete the application with your data (BSN and IBAN).

Change in the board during the calendar year

Activism grants are allocated per the calendar year. If there is a change in the board during the calendar year, the grants must be divided between the members of both boards. Suggestion: enter in the script of your association a distribution formula (x/12e for one board and x/12e for the other).

Additional and Ad Hoc grants

Next to activism grants for board members (basic list), there are also grants for additional and ad hoc activities. The Student Union and umbrella boards together allocate those grants to the qualified associations/organizations. The application procedure is as described above.

Fobos Regulation (pdf)