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the organization can apply for the whole group before 1 April following the concerning calendar year

An activism grant is a reward for members of a board, committee or team

The Activism Grants Regulation is part of the FOBOS (Financial Support for Special Circumstances of Students). As of the calendar year 2020, there is a new policy towards full-time and part-time boards/teams. 

The Student Union, together with the umbrella organizations, allocates the available grants to the organizations. The Personal Circumstances Committee (CPO) assesses the applications on behalf of the Executive Board. In case of questions, please contact the CPO registry or a student counsellor.

The recognized period

You are only eligible for activism grants if the term falls within the C+1 period of your academic programme (this does not apply to members of the University Council). C+1 = nominal study duration for the programme plus one extension year, as from the moment of the first enrolment for such a programme in Higher Education. Thus:

  • Bachelor's students: within the first 4 years of the bachelor programme, as from the moment of the first enrolment in a bachelors' programme in Higher Education.
  • Master's students: within the first 2 years of the master programme, as from the moment of the first enrolment of a one-year masters' programme in Higher Education. For Masters' programmes of 2 or more years, the period will be extended with those years.

The application procedure

The application for the group

The umbrella organizations and Student Union allocates the grants. After the concerning calendar year, the eligible organizations submit an application before April 1st through the online application form. For more information see the FAQ.

The individual student

If your organization has applied for grants on your behalf, you will receive an email (in your UT mailbox) with the request to complete the application with your data. Contact the CPO registry when your UT account has expired.
See the FAQ for the necessary requirements.

Change in the board during the calendar year

Activism grants are allocated per the calendar year. If there is a change in the board during the calendar year, the grants must be divided between the members of both boards. Suggestion: enter in the continuity documents of your organization a distribution formula (x/12e for the previous board and x/12e for the current board). Please note that no more than one grant can be awarded per board month.

Additional and Ad Hoc grants

Next to activism grants for board members (basic list), there are also grants for additional and ad hoc activities. The Student Union and umbrella boards together allocate those grants to qualified associations/organizations. The application procedure is as described above.

FAQ Activism grants

Fobos Regulation (pdf)