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Complaint, Objection, Appeal

A student or extraneous (also prospective and former) can lodge a formal written complaint, objection or appeal through the UT Complaints Desk.

Before you do so it is advisable to contact a student counsellor or your study adviser. They can advise you on the way to deal with this and can offer support with an attempt at conciliation.

The UT Complaints Desk forwards your complaint, objection and appeals to the right UT authority:

  • Complaints Committee: handles complaints about the way officials of (administrative) bodies have behaved (treatment). Also, complaints will be handled concerning unacceptable behaviour like harassment or (sexual) intimidation.
  • Arbitration Committee: handles objections to decrees issued by the UT administrative bodies (e.g. about registration, tuition fees, FOBOS support)
  • Board of Appeal for Examinations: handles appeals against written decisions by the Examination Board and examiners (e.g. about the order, approval, scoring or re-examination of courses, practicals, exams or assignments).

Ombuds officer UT

The university’s Ombuds Officer serves both staff and students, providing advice on issues and difficult situations related to studying or working at the University of Twente.

National Authorities

  • Higher Education Appeals Tribunal: when you do not agree with the decision on your objection or appeal at the UT, you can take your case to this higher court.
  • National Ombudsman: you can lodge a complaint of an incident that took place no longer than one year ago. It is compelled that you have notified the concerning body about the complaint first.

For further information see the Students' Charter, chapter 8