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Insufficient educational feasibility

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This is the case when your educational programme is organized in a way that you cannot complete the final exam within the determined period.

Take notice: a feasible educational programme often can only be guaranteed when you enrol on the regular intake moment (September) of your educational programme and study in a nominal tempo. If you enrol in another month or when you are already (severely) delayed in your study programme, a nominal educational unfortunately programme is not (longer) possible.

An insufficient feasible educational programme can arise when it is no longer possible to attend or finish courses or when exams do not fit together.
One example is a curriculum in which all the subjects need to be taken in a certain sequence, while these subjects are scheduled in such a way that completing the study within the study duration is not reasonably feasible. This can be the case if you have a specific combination of subjects in which essential subjects are scheduled simultaneously. This is an error in the organization of the curriculum. If you have only a few opportunities to retake the subject, this may worsen the problem.
Insufficient educational feasibility can also occur when the quality of the education leaves much to be desired. For instance, when the study workload is not in tune to the available time, lecturers are absent or when the necessary learning material nor other educational facilities are lacking.

FOBOS - Force Majeure allowance

When dealing with insufficient educational feasibility, you can apply for a FOBOS - Force Majeure Allowance. The application for a Force Majeure Allowance must be submitted within 3 months after the period in which the insufficient educational feasibility occurred. This can be a part (module, course, semester) of your educational programme. If there are problems with your internship of graduation project, the application must be submitted within 3 months after the internship or graduation project ends.

As soon as a problem with the educational feasibility of the programme arises, you must provide a written notice of this problem as quickly as possible to the relevant director of educations.
The decision on this application is based on several factors. The cause of the problem is considered, as well as the question whether the educational programme is solely to blame or if you are also partly responsible for the study delay. It also matters whether you have contacted your study adviser as soon as possible in order to limit the study delay.

FOBOS, chapter 2,
article 3 (pdf, 900,20 kB)