The third year of the bachelor’s programme provides opportunities for deepening and broadening knowledge and skills. In the first semester of the third year of the bachelor’s programmes (module 9 and module 10) there is the possibility to fill your elective space with minors. On the minor website, you can find more information about the minors you can choose. The minors offered at the UT in the elective space are all structured in accordance with the TOM principles. Every minor consists of both educational activities, such as lectures and tutorials, and a project.

You can choose for (a combination of) the following minors:

  1. High Tech Human Touch (HTHT) minors
  2. Crossing Borders, Educative minor, Board minor
  3. Study Abroad
  4. Join-in minors
  5. In-dept minors

The requirements for the minor can be found under the webpage Rules and Procedures.