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Sports on campus

So many sports to choose from on campus. From wall climbing to survival, and from football to water polo – have we missed anything?

The University of Twente campus is home to more than forty different sports associations. The grounds include many sports fields for a range of different sports, including football, hockey and tennis, as well as facilities for more unusual sports from the US such as lacrosse and softball.

Sport facilities

There’s no shortage of sports facilities. The campus has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre, a climbing wall, various sports halls and several beach volleyball courts where you can keep playing until late into the evening in the summer.

Student sports associations

There would be no sports without sports associations. As a student at the University of Twente, you have the chance to join one of the many student sports associations located on our campus. More information about the various sports clubs, sports on campus in general and the facilities in and around the sports centre can be found on the university’s sports website.