On-campus accomodation

  • Does the University of Twente offer on-campus accommodation?

    Yes, the University of Twente mediates for off- and on-campus accommodation for Visa students, staff members and guests, on behalf of three local housing providers: De Veste, Stadsweide, and the ITC International Hotel.

    Please note: The University of Twente merely offers a mediation service. If you accept an offer for accommodation, you will sign a rental agreement with one of the local housing providers and will be subject to their rules and regulations.

  • What are the rental prices of living on campus?

    Rental prices depend on the type of accommodation. You can see how rental prices are structured on the Roomspot website. 

  • Can I apply for housing on campus before I get accepted?

    If you are not yet accepted, you cannot apply for housing on campus yet. However, you can already register in Roomspot. When you are registered in Roomspot, you can apply for housing. This is a separate process from your application/admission. It is wise to start your search for housing early: in May for the September start and in December for the February start. 

Finding housing & procedures

  • What are my chances of finding accommodation mediated by the University of Twente?

    The University of Twente works with the online housing portal Roomspot. You can register on Roomspot to find accommodation that is most suitable for you. The distribution of rooms through Roomspot is established on registration time in Roomspot. There are also other ways: co-optation and draw. These distribution methods are not based on registration time. 
    Note: Twente Pathway College students have to find their own accommodation after their year at Navitas. For questions please contact  student.support@twentepathway.nl 

  • What are trustworthy websites for finding accommodation?

    For on- and off-campus accommodation, we advise you to keep an eye on the websites Roomspot and the Student Union Kamersite. These are local initiatives set up by the municipality of Enschede, Saxion, University of Twente and two housing corporations Stichting Jongerenhuisvesting Twente (English: Foundation Youth Housing Twente) and de Veste. These platforms are direct partners of Study in Enschede and aim to maintain quality and reliability within property offers. Other online possibilities are national platforms such as Kamernet, Pararius, Huurwoningen.nl, and Kamersenschede.nl. These websites are updated with rooms regularly and you can filter on price, location, room size, and much more. Please be aware that we are no direct partners of these national platforms and we cannot guarantee the quality and reliability of the rooms.  

  • What is co-optation (room application)?

    Through Roomspot you have the option of co-optation (room application). This is one of the accommodation options. With room application, students live together and share communal areas such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom/shower. Many flats eat and cook together, play games in the evenings, go clubbing or do other things as a group. In short: they spend a lot, maybe even the major part of their free time together. A good fit is thus important and therefore students select their own flat mates. The selection procedure, known as room application (Dutch: coöptatie/hospiteren), aims to ensure a good fit. This process is not organized by UT, but by the flat inhabitants themselves. In most cases, flats will invite you (or even a couple of students interested in a room at once) for a meeting in order to get to know you. After that, they decide as a group who they would like to offer the room to and will let you know whether you can move in or not. Don’t be afraid to reject the room yourself if you cannot picture yourself living in a particular flat and don’t feel down if a flat rejects you. Most students visit several flats before they find what they are looking for. If it’s not possible for you to visit the flat beforehand, ask the flat for a meeting via VoIP/Skype/videochat. More information is available at https://su.utwente.nl/en/rooms/ 

    Please keep in mind that when you contact these ads, you are in direct contact with the current flatmates, not with the housing provider.  

  • I have studied at the University of Twente before and now I return to continue my study. What service can I expect from the university's housing officers?

    We advise you to take a look at our overview of housing partners in the region, and make an account in Roomspot. If you are a returning student with residence permit and/or entry visa requirement and you have been served by our housing officers the first time you came to the University of Twente, and/or when you are no longer a first-year student, you are not eligible for receiving additional housing offers again. 

  • What is the current housing situation in Enschede and Hengelo?

    Finding accommodation in Dutch student cities can be quite a challenge. In Enschede, around one third of the 159,000 inhabitants is a student. Each year, over 4,000 new students start at the University of Twente. Since Enschede also is the home of Saxion University of Applied Sciences and a conservatorium, you can image that a lot of new students start their search for accommodation at the same time as you! In order to ensure a smooth start of your student life at the University of Twente, we urge you to arrange accommodation before the start of your studies.   

  • I’m a PhD student – how can I find accommodation?

    The rooms in the ITC international hotel are available for PhD researchers with both a visa (arranged through UT) and a scholarship. 

    We advise PhD students without a visa and/or scholarship, to sign up in Roomspot

  • How often can I use the UT Housing Service for furnished accommodation?

    UT only mediates once for housing. This only applies to students from outside the N-EEA region who are joining the UT for the very first time (first-year students). If you have already rented furnished accommodation through the Housing Service of the UT, you are not eligible for a second term.

  • I have a Dutch/EEA passport but I live outside the European Economic Region (EER). How can I find accommodation?

    You can register in Roomspot to find accommodation that is most suitable to you. Please inform UT Housing of this situation, so they can give you access to the special offer UT for furnished housing. You can contact UT Housing via student-housing@utwente.nl  

  • Can I apply for a room in the ITC International Hotel?

    The rooms in the ITC International Hotel are only available to students who need a visa with and without a scholarship and PhD researchers who need a visa and have a scholarship, available through Roomspot

  • How does the University of Twente define 'guest' for its housing offers?

    The University of Twente defines a guest as a person who is invited by UT, and not by a staff member or student on an individual basis. 

Special offers & Roomspot

  • How do I get access to the “Special Offer UT” (furnished accommodations) in Roomspot?

    As soon as the UT has processed your tuition fee*, visa payment and bank statement you will receive an e-mail entitled “Special offer available in Roomspot”. After receiving this e-mail you can sign up for Roomspot and will automatically see the button “Special Offer UT”, where you will find furnished accommodation. 

    Please note: the furnished accommodations are only available for first year non-EER students, staff members, and PhD researchers who require an entry visa and/or residence permit (arranged through the University of Twente). 

    * Are you an exchange student? Then you do not have to pay any tuition fees to the University of Twente, as you are already paying tuition fees at your own university. 

  • How often can I reject accommodation?

    Unfortunately, if you reject three offers made to you, your Roomspot account will be automatically blocked. You will then have to create a new Roomspot account and will no longer have access to the furnished “Special Offer UT” accommodations. You will, however, still have access to the unfurnished accommodations. Please take this into consideration when rejecting offers. 

  • My Roomspot account was blocked. What should I do?

    If you reject three offers made to you, your Roomspot account will be automatically blocked. You will have to create a new Roomspot account and will no longer have access to the furnished “Special Offer UT” accommodations. You will, however, still have access to the unfurnished accommodations. 

  • When should I apply for accommodation?

    We recommend you to apply for accommodation as soon as possible. In order to have accommodation by February: we advise you to register before 1 December. In order to have accommodation by September: we advise you to register before 1 July. 

Before arrival

  • How is finding housing in the Netherlands different from other countries?

    Coming to a different country can be exciting, but challenging. The same goes for finding housing before the start of your studies. You might be used to a system where the responsibility of finding housing lies with the university. An important distinction between finding housing in the Netherlands or in other countries is that in the Netherlands, you are expected to find your own accommodation. The housing office at UT can in some cases play a mediating role, but chances are you will have to look for accommodation yourself. The Erasmus Student Network provides a housing guide with tips, tricks, and information for (prospective) students to keep in mind while finding housing in the Netherlands. Take a look at their website to check what applies to you.

  • Where can I pick up my keys?

    You will find information about where you can pick up your keys in your booking confirmation. Please note: make sure you also meet the payment criteria for housing mentioned in your booking (on-campus accommodation only). 

  • Can I cancel my booking before arriving?

    The cancellation policy for your booking may differ per rental agency. Please contact your rental agency for more information regarding their cancellation policy. 

Tips and tricks

  • Start on time!

    As a non-EU student, in order to start your accommodation search, you need to be admitted and before you can be admitted, you need to submit a completed application. Therefore, the sooner you apply, the sooner you can start finding your accommodation. We recommend starting looking for housing from now on.  

    EU students can apply for accommodation before they have been fully admitted. 

    When you start to search for accommodation early, you have more chance of finding housing before the start of your studies. Don't worry if you can't find housing immediately after you started your search. Sometimes it may take up to two months before you find something suitable. There is a housing shortage at the moment, so it may be more challenging to quickly find housing.

    Start your search for housing at UT early

  • Find housing before the start of your studies.

    Studying at a university might be completely new for you, or even moving to a new country can be overwhelming. In order to ensure a smooth start of your student life at the University of Twente, we, therefore, urge you to arrange accommodation before the start of your studies. 

    Start your search for housing early

  • Be realistic in your wishes. 

    Who wouldn’t like to live in a three-bedroom apartment with a nice view over the city? Sometimes it’s better to accept a housing offer when it comes along and search from there. Once you’re living in the area, you can use your newly built network to search for accommodation better suited to your personal preferences.   

  • Watch out for scammers.

    Don’t be too picky, but watch out for scammers as well. A lot of different tricks are being used, mostly trying to take advantage of the fact that people are not able to come and check out the property in person. These tips on how to avoid scammers might be helpful.   

    Watch out for scams for housing at UT

If you want more tips and tricks on finding housing, see the Erasmus Student Network website for a housing guide.    

Programmes with other housing services

For ITC, Environmental and Energy Management, University College Twente, Mechanical Engineering VU, and Water Technology students the situation is different.