The BMS Lab strives to provide researchers with the solutions they need for their studies

From writing proposals, and providing versatile equipment, software, and state-of-the-art facilities, to data processing and storage solutions, the BMS Lab can facilitate and support you throughout the research process.  

The BMS Lab provides researchers with several services and resources. Firstly, the BMS Lab team can support your work by providing tech support for research and design, as well as aid with technical aspects of research design. We provide development support as well as data storage and processing solutions, depending on your needs. In addition, in select cases, the BMS Lab can help you in acquiring funding for your research. Besides the services, the BMS Lab offers researchers by providing various resources. Firstly, you can lend equipment and facilities to conduct your studies from the BMS Lab after signing up for your project. To further facilitate the use of some equipment, the BMS Lab provides additional resources such as our Canvas Courses and the Infohub, where you can find detailed information on specific technologies with tutorials and manuals. 


Before starting your project at the BMS Lab, there are several conditions and requirements that apply. The BMS Lab requires researchers to sign up for their projects. The funding conditions depend on the project itself and its scope. In addition, researchers working at the BMS Lab need to comply with the general conditions and requirements of UT and BMS Lab. Before the researcher can start with the project, ethical approval is required.