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Writing your impact case – workshop invitation Constructing a proud narrative

We are delighted, as more than 50 possible impact case ideas were shared for the BMS midterm research evaluation! This prompted us to think bigger than just the BMS midterm research evaluation, sprouting the concept of a BMS Impact Showcase (on the website or a yearly portfolio). Other ways to share cases are via the Service Portal, BMS newsletter or the screens in the buildings.

  • What is an impact case?

    An impact case is a short narrative (sometimes called "impact stories" too, where you elaborate on the effects of your work after it has finished. Which communities or stakeholders were influenced by your work, has it been applied or scaled up, or maybe you had a profound academic impact... There are many ways in which your work can have an impact, writing your impact case helps make this explicit.

To help you get from an idea to a written impact case, we offer a workshop where we 1) explain what impact and an impact case entails, 2) offer examples, and 3) offer a template to construct your own impact case. A connection will also be made with the recently published BMS Position Paper on Impact. The workshop's outcome (your impact case) can be used for the channels above, for instance, and to proudly share with colleagues or to craft a clear storyline in your next grant application.

The workshop takes 2,5 hours. This might seem like a lot, but we already tried to shorten it, as our first workshop was 4 hours (given by Louise Knight, Letizia Alvino and myself).

We currently have three time slots open. If you wish to join, you can mail Tom Boogerd (BMS Research Support Office) which timeslot you prefer and if you wish to bring a colleague. The workshop will take place on campus.

  • Thursday, 13th of June, from 9:30-12:00
  • Wednesday, 26th of June, from 14:00-16:30
  • Thursday, 27th of June, from 14:00-16:30

Again, thank you for sending in your ideas; they are very much appreciated, and it makes us proud to see such great BMS work. If you cannot join any workshops but still want to write the case, let Tom Boogerd know, and we will see how else we can support you.