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Get a starting budget for VRE; the efficient and flexible computing infrastructure!

Are you an UT researcher and are you looking for flexible, efficient and scalable computing infrastructure to perform simulations / calculations? Do you want to use a starting budget? Then use the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) en read the text below.

Virtual Research Environment (VRE)
Cloud service providers are racing to add more features to their platforms, which become more and more extensive, but complex at the same time. Especially if you are a new user, it is really challenging to set up  your computing environment and some support is required at the beginning.

Considering this need, LISA started a new service: Virtual Research Environment (VRE). VRE provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to acquire, set up, and manage digital workspaces for research in the Microsoft Azure. The service is based on virtual machines, which can be scaled up and down according to needs. Each machine also features ready-to-use software (e.g. Matlab, SPSS, Python, R) on Windows environment.

Starting budget for the first 10 applications
Normally the service is designed according to the UT budget workflow and you only need an OFI number to start using it. We would like to know what you think of our portal and what needs to be changed in future releases. Are you an UT employee, do you need computing capacity for your research project and are you also willing to evaluate the VRE for us? Let us know! Briefly describe your research project and why you want to use the VRE and sent this to feedbackvre@utwente.nl. We provide a starting budget for the first 10 applications.

More information
Check the VRE portal for more information and documentation.

Other questions and malfunctions? Please contact the Service Desk ICT.