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BMS Open Access fund 2021 and Covidence training session

Great news to start with: a renewed BMS Open Access fund is available for 2021!

As many of you probably know, there are multiple ways in which the UT aims to support Open Access (OA) publishing:

·         There are the national deals (typically for OA publishing without costs) that you can find in the UT Journal Browser;

·         Next to that, for gold OA journals we had a separate BMS OA Fund;

·         Finally, one can publish green Open Access, e.g. based on the Taverne amendment.

We think you will be pleased to hear that the Faculty Board has agreed on a renewed BMS Fund for 2021! Details will appear on our BMS website soon. Feel free to contact the BMS information specialists if you have any questions about OA or Open Science in general. We’d also be happy to do a presentation for you and your colleagues some time.


Review management platform Covidence

Next up, some news about Covidence, a very handy review management platform for which there is a subscription for BMS researchers. About 70 colleagues already used it, and therefore a Covidence training session for interested BMS researchers is planned  next  Monday, 18 January  11:00. Use this registration link to submit and join the session (no login needed). To make the most of the approximately 50 minutes available, please provide us with your input (questions or topics you wish to be addressed during the session) beforehand, via email or via this form.


See you on Monday!

The BMS information specialists,

Peter Noort and Marit van Eck