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Tutorial 'Faking with R' to help teachers in simulating research data for student projects Monday 20 April 20.00 on Canvas

Recently, the Behavioural Data Science Incubator (BDSI) started. The aim of BDSI is to spark innovation and collaboration in data science that involves human behaviour: to accelerate and inspire data-driven research within BMS that uses statistical models, machine learning or simulation techniques.

Help students complete experimental studies by simulating data

One consequence of the current crisis is that many students cannot complete their experimental studies, because the labs are closed. That is why BSDI wants to offer lecturers, teachers and researchers help in simulating data for student projects. Data simulation is a possibility to supply students with data and keep them going.

Tutorial on how to simulate data with R

Next Monday evening (20 April) at 20.00, BSDI representative Martin Schmettow offers an interactive online tutorial on how to simulate data for multi-level psychological experiments. The tutorial is called 'Faking Data with R' and can be attended on Canvas. More detailed information on this tutorial can be found in a downloadable document (see below).