Behavioural Data Science Incubator A platform for data science at BMS

Recently, the Behavioural Data Science Incubator (BDSI) started. The aim of BDSI is to spark innovation and collaboration in data science that involves human behaviour: to accelerate and inspire data-driven research within BMS that uses statistical models, machine learning or simulation techniques.

BDSI will support researchers and promote good research practices in all steps of the research cycle:

  1. data gathering and governance,
  2. model building, training and validation,
  3. visualisation and reporting.

We will organise courses, workshops and networking events on these topics, and provide training in the R and Python programming languages on all skill levels. We support the writing of research grants. By building a strong community, we aim to connect researchers in BMS with each other, with other UT research groups and the outside world.

BDSI is run by representatives from all BMS clusters. If you have questions or ideas, or you want to get involved, contact your BDSI representative: