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Collect data using a survey via Qualtrics: delete data as soon as possible!

Qualtrics survey software is used by many students/staff to collect Research Data.

However, many of you may not be aware of the responsibilities you have as a researcher collecting research data by means of Qualtrics survey software.

We like to emphasize a few points in particular:

  1. When you collect personal data, work accordingly to the privacy laws (AVG/GDPR): minimalize this data, ask/register consent (to collect/store personal data explicit consent for that data is needed), pseudonymize (coding) or - if possible - anonymize quickly after collection
  2. In general: anonymize/pseudonymize your survey's: The questionnaires and complementary documents may not contain data that is reducible to your participants;
  3. When processing sensitive personal data with Qualtrics, anonymization or pseudonimization of your survey is mandatory. You need the explicit consent of the participants as well, as it is forbidden to collect this type of data.
  4. Qualtrics may NOT be used as a storage facility:
    Remove the research data from Qualtrics databases as soon as possible after collection, particularly in case of (sensitive) personal data, and store the research data only on secure UT or BMS servers! See, 'steps to take after research is done'


Qualtrics has a very extensive support site. For some quick links check here.

Alternative survey software

BMS Lab supports two alternatives for research with surveys: