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Reminder: request 'embedding guarantee' before 1 August

planning on submitting a proposal for the VENI grant (Incentives Scheme from NWO)? Get in contact with your department chair in time to request an 'embedding guarantee' before 1 August

BMS VENI procedures

For internal procedure BMS* check BMS Research Support 'Grant Support --> Embedding guarantee VENI & VIDI'

UT Research Grants Office
The UT offers training in order to increase your chances in acquiring this VENI grant. The Research Grants Office (Sanne de Wit/ Arend Zomer) offers you support and advice throughout your pre-proposal submission process. BMS faculty support will be available as soon as you are through the pre-proposal round and invited to submit a full proposal in January.   

*BMS procedure: Plan for a Veni pre-proposal, make sure you get in contact with your department chair in time. As the chair has to submit a request before August 1st (stating explicit consent with the proposal, stating allowance of time to write, CV and summary) to the BMS faculty board to get an embedding guarantee.