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Prof. de Winter prize (Female UD/UHD staff) this prize is for an excellent article or conference contribution written by a female UD or UHD

Submit your excellent publication for the Prof de Winter Prize! 

This prize is for an excellent article written by a female UD or UHD, accepted by the journal between 1 June 2018 and 31 May 2019. 
Although female U(H)Ds can nominate international articles or conference contributions themselves, the department chair must draw up a supporting statement for the nomination that is related to the assessment criteria. Therefore we also raised awareness for this prize under your department chairs. The prize has a value of €2500.
Deadline nomination submission: 1 August 2019

Nominations can be sent directly to the Emmie Keizers (by email as well as 5 copies via internal post, see guidance). 

For both prizes, we particularly encourage submissions that show a clear link with our BMS research themes and have a technology orientation. Please note the jury consists of a small advisory group of representatives of the different UT faculties and is chaired by the rector. The Prof de Winter prize will be officially presented during the Dies Natalis (29-11-2019).  

Best wishes,
On behalf of Theo Toonen & Ellen Giebels

Lyan Kamphuis-Blikman, Coordinator of Research Support BMS