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Once you have finished the Psychology Master's specialization Conflict, Risk and Safety (PCRS), there is a wide variety of jobs you can pursue. Underneath you will find some broad categories of jobs, testimonials of alumni per job category and possible agencies you can work for. When you click on the logo of the agency this will guide you to their website. Moreover, we have collected some experiences of our (former) students (student experiences) to provide you with some more insight on what the Master will be like. For additional questions about the PCRS master track or if you want to be added to our private alumni group on Linkedin, please contact dr. Sven Zebel (

Behavioral expert / team manager in forensic domain

When you have finished the master PCRS you have knowledge on leadership, group processes, conflict and negotiation and more specific knowledge on the forensic domain. Therefore, you have acquired enough knowledge and skills to guide groups or lead a team.

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Advisor in safety domain

During the PCRS master you learn how to translate theory to practice. Within Group Dynamics and Interventions, for example, you learn how to use theory to create a training session for fellow students. See the alumni testimonials for more information on how the master prepared Jana for her position as consultant for event safety.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ministerie van veiligheid en justitie   Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gemeente enschede    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor veiligheidsregio twente

Applied researcher

Next to becoming a researcher within academia, there is the possibility to become a researcher outside academia. The main difference is its' applied focus, so the initial goal for performing your studies is, for example, to advise others, to create an intervention or to describe a phenomenon. These jobs require different skills you have acquired during your Master, like: reviewing the available literature, preparing a research design, gathering data, analyzing data, writing a report about the results and/or presenting the results. See the alumni testimonials for more information on how the master prepared Michael for his position as information security officer.

In PCRS domain:

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In other domains:

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Recruiter/career advisor

More broadly within the master PCRS you learn how to train people and make them enthusiastic and you acquire knowledge about inappropriate behavior, diversity and leadership. These skills prepare you for positions such as job recruiter or personnel manager. See the alumni testimonials for more information on how the master prepared Lieke for her position as coach.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor job coach connect   Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Siebert & Wassink Personeelsadvies    EQIB | The Human Factor

Freelance (science) journalist

The master does not directly prepare you for becoming a (science) journalist, as more popular forms of writing is usually required for these positions. However, with some additional training in writing, several alumni's have positions in this area. The master does indirectly prepare you for for this position, as you acquire skills like: reviewing the literature, being able to judge the quality of studies, performing small experiments and academic writing. See the alumni testimonials for more information on how the master prepared Marieke for her position as freelance (science) journalist.

Working Within (applied) universities

Also within thje education system there are a wide variety of jobs you can do after the PCRS Master. You could think of becoming a tutor, teacher, junior researcher, PhD student or study advisor. See the alumni testimonials for more information on how the master prepared Janneke for her position as a teacher or Wendy for her position as a PhD student.
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