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BMS UTQ Ceremony - April 2024

On the 17th of April 2024, we celebrated the achievements of the latest cohort of BMS UTQ graduates. We are extremely proud of our dedicated teachers who deliver high quality and innovative education to our students. 

The following teachers were awarded their UTQ certificates:

  • Dr Simon Schafheitle
  • Dr Alessio Trivella
  • Dr Islam Bouzguenda
  • Dr Maren Behrensen
  • Dr Sopany Saing
  • Dr Marcos Machado
  • Dr Amin Asadi
  • Dr Barbara Kump
  • Dr Naomi Jacobs (not present)
  • Dr Joschka Hüllmann (not present)
  • Dr Adam Henschke (not present)

We were also joined by programme directors Dr Anna Bos-Nehles, Dr Michael Nagenborg, Dr Faizan Ahmed, Dr Eduardo Lalla as well as  C.Veldhuis, from CELT.

 Once again, we congratulate the teachers on this milestone!

Photograph: (top left:) Dr Alessio Trivella, Dr Michael Nagenborg, Dr Anna Bos-Nehles, Dr Faizan Ahmed. (upper row right:) Dr Simon Schafheitle. (middle row left:) Dr Sopany Saing, Dr Islam Bouzguenda , Dr Barbara Kump, Dr Marcos Machado, Dr Eduardo Lalla. (bottom left:) Dr Maren Behrensen, Dr Amin Asadi.