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Misja Mikkers appointed professor of BMS

The Executive Board has appointed Misja Mikkers as full professor within the Faculty of BMS with effect from 1 March 2024. He fulfils this role within Health Technology and Services Research (HTSR). Within his chair, he will contribute to building capacity and knowledge in the field of healthcare systems.

Until 1 March 2024, Mikkers was Chief Economist at the Nza and extraordinary professor of organisation and financing of the healthcare sector at Tilburg University. His work included the effect of financial incentives on the behaviour of health insurers and healthcare providers. His experience and expertise, in addition to the existing knowledge and experience within UT, contribute to the development of innovative approaches aimed at improving the sustainability and affordability of healthcare systems.

More sustainable health systems
The new research area of Health Systems Engineering, focusing on the resilience, flexibility and innovativeness of healthcare systems is central to the chair. "Making health systems more sustainable and resilient requires changes in culture, organisation and funding. These changes should contribute to more integrated care through new network organisations, where continuous collaboration and stakeholder engagement are essential for sustainable improvements in patient care," Mikkers indicates.

Multidisciplinary cooperation within BMS and UT
The faculty BMS is known for its research and teaching in areas such as the evaluation of care innovations and the optimisation of care processes. In practice, the added value of care innovations and more efficient care processes is often partly determined by the financing and organisation of care. Misja's specific background in this area will further strengthen the multidisciplinary cooperation within UT, aimed at supporting the transformation and sustainability of healthcare by developing, evaluating and implementing innovative solutions.