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Call for Proposals for WSV Fund Reopened

The call for proposals for the WSV fund has once again been opened, focusing on driving innovation in education within our Faculty of BMS.

The primary aim of the WSV fund is to enhance the quality of education for the benefit of our students. It serves as a valuable resource to support our faculty in developing and implementing innovative teaching methods, technologies, and programs. Whether it involves integrating new technologies, designing interdisciplinary courses, or implementing innovative teaching methods, this fund has the potential to provide crucial support to realize our educational vision.

We warmly invite faculty members to consider potential projects eligible for funding and to submit proposals by 15 April. Further details regarding the funding criteria and application process can be found here: Educational Innovations | WSV Application Process 2024 | BMS Teaching Academy (utwente.nl) 

Let's come together in our collaborative efforts to enrich our education and provide our students with the best possible learning experience.  Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to the BMS Teaching Academy via Rianne Kaptijn at rianne.kaptijn@utwente.nl.