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WSV Application Process 2024



WSV (Wet StudieVoorschotmiddelen) funds are the result of the abolition of the basic student grant, which has been converted from a gift to a loan. Every calendar year from 2019 up to and including 2024, a budget is released from the WSV funds. These funds have to be used for the continuous improvement of the quality of education and our students should benefit from the investments. To help guide the spending of the WSV funds, an action plan was set up. The BMS Teaching Academy is included in this action plan.

WSV funds and BMS Educational Action plan.

More background on what the WSV funds and quality agreements are about, and how this translates to BMS.

Application Process

Explore below for detailed information regarding the WSV process, budget, criteria, practical aspects, and more.

  • Budget

    The total budget is € 300.000.

    Per project between € 15.000 and € 80.000 is available.

    It is also possible to run smaller projects with the help of WSV funding, please contact the Teaching Academy for inquiry (teachingacademy-bms@utwente.nl)

  • Criteria

    For approval the proposed WSV innovation project needs to fulfil the following criteria:

    • It aligns with the educational vision of UT.

    • It is widely applicable in BMS education. Not only within one or two BMS (degree) programmes. (The programmes in which the innovation will be implemented need to be specified and programme directors of these programmes need to support the innovation explicitly. )

    • The project and its results are of added value for the learning of the students as well as for the professionalization of BMS teachers participating in the project.

    • The project team members are BMS teachers (or supporting student assistants).

    • In case a tool or a system will be developed, also its realization, implementation, maintenance and user support are planned, arranged and included in the proposal.

    • The project must be cost-efficient.
  • Procedure
    1. This call for proposals for innovation projects is published together with an application form

    2. Applicants can be BMS teachers and BMS programme directors.

    3. Approval and selection of the WSV innovation projects is the responsibility of the BMS Faculty Board which is advised on the decision by the WSV assessment committee. The WSV assessment committee receives an overview of the applications and will assess the applications based on the criteria. The committee reserves the right to ask in-depth questions and suggest improvements.

    4. In the process of the pre-advice, the small committee will ask for expert advice were necessary from educationalists, BMS-LAB, e-learning specialists and others.

    5. Selection may take place if the annual budget cannot cover all approved proposals. The main focus in the selection will be to what extent the criteria are met.

    6. Innovation projects need to be supported by at least two programme directors.

    7. Before the start of the approved project, a detailed action plan including milestones needs to be available.

    8. The project manager of the innovation project is expected to participate in the WSV platform and inform the coordinator of the WSV innovation projects proactively (and timely) when the content or the planning of the project has to be changed. Also reporting on the progress and final results are the responsibility of the project manager.

    9. It is strongly advised to work on your proposal and the development of your project with the educational expert of the Teaching Academy. To contact them please e-mail teachingacademy-bms@utwente.nl
  • Planning Projects 2024-2025 (From start onward)

    15 April  2024 (noon)

    Deadline WSV innovation project proposals

    Beginning of May 2024

    WSV assessment committee advice on selection

    Half May 2024

    Decision of BMS Faculty Board based on the advice of WSV steering

    Beginning of June 2024

    Applicants informed on decision

    1 July 2024

    Start projects

    11 January 2025

    Progress report (followed by related payment of budget in January 2024)

    1 July 2025

    Final (Progress) report (followed by related payment of budget)

  • Practical Aspects
    • The budget for the project is paid to the BMS departments/sections of project team members in two phases based on, and shortly after receiving, each of the 2 progress reports during a year.

    • The results and time planned for the project need to be realistic. As a consequence projects at course level above € 30.000 and at programme level above € 60.000 need clear justification for feasibility and availability of project team members.

    • The involvement of other (service) departments (i.e. BMS LAB) needs to be tuned before submitting the proposal.

    • Software developments need to be accompanied by plans for further development and maintenance.

    • By default projects are running for 1 year: 1 July 2023-1 July 2024

Interested to apply? Below are some additional links to help you get started!