UTFacultiesBMSNewsMarion Kamp new lead in the project to re-design the Centre for Professional Learning and Development (PLD NEXT)

Marion Kamp new lead in the project to re-design the Centre for Professional Learning and Development (PLD NEXT)

After almost ten years in the function of managing director (first - the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, then – the Faculty of Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences), Drs. Marion Kamp starts a new challenge in her career. Per May 15, 2022 Marion Kamp takes a lead in the new project to re-design the Centre for Professional Learning and Development (“PLD Next”).

“I am very happy with this new challenge, and I am looking forward to develop the next generation PLD, that could potentially become an interfaculty center for executive teaching”, said Marion.  The University of Twente’s Executive Board is delighted with the new development with the PLD “Marion will bring her leadership skills and managerial competencies with positive energy. This project will give new momentum and continue with the best developments in the field of one of our strategic priorities, Life Long Learning”, said Machteld Roosvice-president of the Executive Board.

The BMS Faculty Board has high expectations of this initiative. “It is a good timing to integrate expertise and knowledge across different faculties and to offer a unique executive program to our stakeholders.”, said Tanya Bondarouk, dean of the Faculty BMS.

The Executive Board and the Faculty Board look forward to this initiative and wish Marion and her team a lot of success.

Tijs Breukink - Managing Director a.i. BMS
The Executive Board has appointed Dr. Tijs Breukink as managing director (PBV) a.i. of the Faculty Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences. The appointment starts from May 9, 2022, and will last until a new managing director is in place. “We have decided to appoint an interim manager to take quality time to look for a new managing director without a rush. We all know how difficult a recruitment process is, especially if you want to find someone with good skills in operations management. The interim position gives us rest and space to carefully look and onboard a new colleague”, said Tanya Bondarouk.

Tijs is an experienced manager, with the last 15 years of work in Education & Research institutions. After a long career as the specialist in business administration and business economics, in 2005 he switched to Wageningen University & Research. As board member of the WUR, Tijs has mainly focused on professionalization of operations management. After his 3rd term at the WUR, in 2017 Tijs started as an independent interim director and advisor.

During the period in question at UT, Tijs will help to improve operations processes in facilitating the BMS-strategy, and he will contribute to talent development and team building initiatives in operations processes. 

The Executive Board and the Faculty Board wish Tijs a lot of success and enjoyment at the BMS faculty!