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Looking for innovative ideas with regard to education!

Do you have ideas to improve the education of BMS? We are happy to support innovative initiatives with a budget from the WSV funds. You can now submit your proposal for 2021 using this link up to and including November 5th.

Some background information:

Every calendar year, up to and including 2024, a budget is released from the Wet Studievoorschotmiddelen (WSV). This law is the result of the abolition of the basic grant for students, which has been converted from a gift to a loan. Therefore, this budget should benefit education and our students. A large part of the money is reserved for input from teachers of BMS and from students. This money can for example be used as resource for the departments to compensate for the time you spend on your innovation project. Another example to use the funds is if you have ideas to improve online education/assessment or more interaction between students.

The requirements for an application from the WSV funds:

-             It supports at least one of the five UT strategic goals with regard to the Quality Agreements: Community building, Global citizens, Teaching professionalisation, Talent development of students, Learning facilities

-             It is widely applicable, not just for one or two programmes. This can be BMS-wide, but can also mean collaboration with other faculties or services, eg to support a learning pathway.

-             Hybrid education is a spearhead; for now, in these challenging times, but of course also for the future. The proposal should preferably also fit into this theme.

Note that there might be a selection if the yearly budget cannot cover all the proposals. The main focus in the selection will be whether or not the above criteria are met.  

We are looking forward to your proposals!