Designated PhD positions

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When CSTM secures a grant for a specific research project, it can offer a PhD-grant to promising researchers under guidance of a full professor and a senior researcher. The successful PhD candidate will receive an employment contract with the University of Twente for the duration of their PhD research. Whenever such a grant is available, it will be advertised on this website, next to other usual outlets, such as Academic Transfer. Available PhD positions across the University of Twente are also listed on the university's vacancies page.

Conditions of designated PhD positions in the Netherlands

 A designated PhD position usually corresponds to a 4-year, full time research position, along with additional academic training at the Twente Graduate School. Working conditions and salary in Dutch academia are regulated through the collective labour agreement CAO-NU for Dutch universities.

The following is an indication of what to expect. Exact conditions can be found in the description of the respective vacancy.

How to apply

Information on how to apply for a specific PhD position are given in the description of the respective vacancy. Please take a look at the university's vacancies page below to learn more about the positions that are currently available.

Check the University of Twente's vacancy page for current openings
Current vacancies
Note that this link will show you all PhD vacancies currently available across the University of Twente, not just within CSTM.