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Law, governance & technology


Within the Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability (CSTM) the chair of Law, Governance & Technology comes with a focus on the legal design of ‘smart rules & regimes’
Smart rules & regimes are about legal governance balancing the opportunities and risks of technological innovation, by means of novel types of laws and regulations or of (networks of) organizations. Generally, these reflect the shift from government to governance and appear as ‘mixtures’ of public and private legal arrangements. The chair is particularly interested in the legal design of such laws, regulations and organizations, both in respect of their making and of their evaluation.
A special focus of this research is on legal governance of sustainable energy, especially on the subjects of smart grids, hybrid organizations (e.g. PPP) and green certificates.
The chair takes a broad interest in smart rules & regimes in risk-regulation (esp. in safety, environmental & health law) and in service regulation (esp. in ICT and telecommunication). If and when possible the chair engages in multidisciplinary projects, combining (some of) the above, such as around ‘living labs’ and smart (urban or rural) communities.
As a matter of disciplinary foundations the chair is in engaged in studies on the basic concepts and (design)methodologies of Public Governance Law and Business Law & Technology.

Some examples of current legal governance projects are:

Last updated: 24 August 2015