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Research on excellence education published

Excellence education has gained a permanent place in Dutch higher education. Almost all institutions offer honours programmes for a select group of students. However, little is known about the effects of these programmes for students and educational institutions. Do honours students gain additional skills, does the entire higher education institution benefit, and what are the effects on the labour market? Funded by the NRO, our consortium (researchers from ROA, KBA Nijmegen, CHEPS, and HAN) conducted a research project into the effects of excellence education in higher education in the Netherlands.

The final results of this project are now available in three reports on selectivity and effectiveness; on employability; and on diffusional effects. The results have been summarised in two factsheets (one aimed at students, and one aimed at higher education institutions) and in an overarching summary report in which the main findings from the three reports are connected. Over the coming months the consortium will publish about the results in academic journals.

The publications can be found on the website of ROA: