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Klaasjan Visscher professor Innovation in Higher Education and Society

We are proud to announce that our colleague and KiTeS chair Klaasjan Visscher is appointed as full professor Innovation in Higher Education and Society. Klaasjan has a background in Science and Technology Studies and in Industrial Engineering & Management. As a passionate lecturer and researcher on innovations that help society, he developed an impressive portfolio of transdisciplinary courses and programs, aiming to train students to tackle complex challenges and foster a more just and sustainable society.

“This chair does not start from scratch. On the contrary, the organizational infrastructure and resources are here. KiTeS unites world-renowned expertise in STS, innovation studies and higher education and I am looking forward to lead new research on educational innovation and transformation.”

As program director of the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert ‘Shaping Responsible Futures’ Klaasjan and his team received the Dutch Higher Education Award 2022. He is co-chair of the ComeniusNetwork, the national platform for innovators in (higher) education, scientific director for educational innovation at DesignLab, and co-lead of the ‘Significant Questions in Higher Education’ project on transdisciplinary learning and societal transformation.