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Barend van der Meulen appointed as full professor of Institutional Aspects of (Higher) Education

CHEPS is pleased to announce that the Board of the University of Twente has appointed Barend van der Meulen as a full professor Institutional Aspects of (Higher) Education, per September 1st 2019. The chair is part of the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences. With the chair the Faculty strengthens its strategy to connect its expertise on public policies, educational sciences and the dynamics of knowledge and technology. Barend will succeed Hans Vossensteyn as director of CHEPS.

Barend van der Meulen has over twenty five years’ experience in science policy studies, higher education and technology assessment. He published on the dynamics of the relationships between governments and universities, academic careers, Dutch science policies and on the future of universities. He has acted as expert on issues of science and higher education policy for governments, the Dutch parliament, funding bodies and in the public media. His current interests include scientific integrity, university of funding, and evidence based policy making.

Barend is currently Head of Research at the Rathenau Instituut and endowed professor Evidence for Science Policy at Leiden University. The Rathenau Instituut is the institute in the Netherlands for policy studies and public debate on the dynamics and social impacts of science and technology.

Barend about his appointment: “CHEPS 35th anniversary gives the appointment extra flavor. In 1989, I came to Twente as young researcher to conduct a joint study with CHEPS. Many things have changed since, but not our joint interests in policies for education and universities. With this chair, I hope to give a new impetus to our understanding of the role and organization of education in the digital society.”