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Hans Vossensteyn is leaving CHEPS to start at Saxion

After 28 years, including ten years as director of CHEPS in the University of Twente, Hans Vossensteyn will leave the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies to become director of Research & Graduate School (SRGS) at Saxion University of Applied Sciences per 1 September 2019.

Hans joined CHEPS in 1991, initially  as a research associate. Since then, Hans gradually built up his reputation as an renowned expert on issues of management and governance in higher education, working on various international research projects and consultancies in the area of financing, access & equity, quality assurance, study success and internationalisation in higher education. In June 2005 he defended his PhD dissertation (cum laude) on ‘Student price-responsiveness’. In 2010 he became director of CHEPS. Since 2007, he is Professor and programme leader for the MBA programme in Higher Education and Science Management of the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück (Germany). Besides that, he worked as a higher education expert for the World Bank.

Hans has played a role in various organisational change processes in the University of Twente and the Faculty of BMS, including the university’s Institutional Quality Audit, in programme accreditations and taking on the chairmanship of the BMS Cluster for Technology, Policy and Society and the Faculty Club Foundation.

On leaving CHEPS, Hans states: “I look back with joy and pride on 28 years at CHEPS and the UT. CHEPS, the BMS Faculty and the UT have always been a very stimulating environment, allowing me to grow both professionally and personally. The strong team spirit at CHEPS, our external orientation and our successful combination of academic research and policy-oriented projects, not forgetting the diverse teaching, training and consultancy activities I was involved in, have enormously inspired my professional development. CHEPS is a vibrant higher education research centre. Although I will miss my CHEPS colleagues, their professional expertise, creativity and strong collegiality, I look forward to a new step in my career. Becoming the Director of Saxion Research & Graduate School (SRGS) will offer new opportunities and inspiration that will help me contribute to the further development of Saxion and its place in the Dutch higher education system. As director of SRGS I can make use of my managerial capacities and at the same time strengthen our collaboration with the UT. I am very happy that CHEPS’ 35th Anniversary (1984-2019) and my departure coincides with the appointment of a new professor in CHEPS. Congratulations to Barend van der Meulen on becoming professor in Institutional Aspects of (Higher) Education. I am confident that Barend will be able to further expand the reputation and leading position of CHEPS as a research institute that contributes to scientific research and public debates on higher education.”

On Thursday 22 August, a farewell reception will be held to say goodbye to Hans. Time: 4 pm – 6 pm; location: Boerderij Bosch (Building #62 on the UT campus). Please let us know if you plan to shake hands with Hans by sending an email to: cheps@utwente.nl.