Library Account


Library & Archive is a Service Center for students and staff. The library provides scientific information for education as well as research. Our home page gives access to the digital library with f.i. e-books, journals and research databases. The Library Vrijhof is the place to study quietly or offers a project room to work on your project.


As a new student you receive your UNIVERSITEIT TWENTE college card. This card is your library card for borrowing books (10) and it is your library account as well. With this account you can manage your borrower information, make reservations and book renewals.

You can find your library number on your student card near “bibl. code”. You can use this number to log on to your library account.

The password of your library account is default your day of birth, month and year (f.i. are you born on january16th 1992, your default password is 160192). Take care of your privacy: we advise you to change your password immediately. Visit the Catalogue Website of the University Library and click on Borrower information.



You are most welcome with all your questions at the loan desk of the University Library at the Vrijhof building. Make a phone call to 053-4892777 or write an e-mail to