Student Card

Student card, uploading passport photo and declaration of enrolment

The student card of the University of Twente is a proof identity for the University of Twente and a proof of enrolment. You have to show the student card on request when using university facilities, like attending lectures, taking exams, visiting the libraries, etc.

When will you get a student card?

As soon as your enrolment is finalized by the Central Student Administration (CSA) and you have uploaded your digital passport photo in Osiris1) Student, you will receive your student card and two declarations of enrolment by post. Make sure that CSA has your correct address.

1) Uploading digital passport photo in Osiris student

In Osiris Student you can upload your digital passport photo.


Go to Osiris Student.


Choose the option ‘uploaden pas photo’.


Choose the option ’Browse’ in order to select a file.


Your digital passport photo is uploaded.

PLEASE NOTE: make sure you have a bear close resemblance of your digital passport photo otherwise, you risk that you are not allowed during exams.

The student card can be used as


A student card

The card is valid as proof of enrolment for the academic year 2016-2017;


A library card

The card comes complete with a barcode, which also makes it a library card;

See the website for more information about your library card and account;


Union Card

If you indicate that you want to use the sports and/or culture facilities of Enschede, the card will also function as Union Card. See the website for more information about the Union Card.

Declaration of enrolment

The declaration of enrolment can be used to prove that you are enrolled (for example at an Insurance company). This certificate states for which programme and for which period you are enrolled.

Extra declaration of enrolment

See the website what to do if you wish an extra declaration of enrolment, next to the two declarations you have received from the University of Twente.


In case of theft or loss, for €10,- you can buy a new student card at the Student Services.