Activism Grants

An activism grant is a reward for members of a board or committee. De Committee Personal Circumstances (Dutch - CPO) assesses the applications on behalf of the Executive Board. The Student Union, together with the umbrella organizations, allocate the grants to the associations. Here you will find a short explanation about the procedure.

When you still have questions, please contact the CPO registry or a student counsellor.


The Activism Grants Regulation is part of the FOBOS (Regulation on Financial Support for Special Circumstances of Students). The rules are:

  • A positive binding recommendation is required. When the binding recommendation is postponed, the application will also be postponed until the definitive recommendation.
  • Bachelor's students or Master's students are only eligible to grants if the period of the board/committee lays within the C+1 period. Students
  • Students solely enrolled for a Premaster programme are not eligible to activism grants.
  • This regulations does not apply for ITC students.
  • The amount of the grants is equal for all Bachelor's and Master's students.

Important information in case of an application for Activism Grants

Application for Activism Grants:
submit before 1 April after the concerning calendar year.