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Photo of Martijn MesDr. ir. M.R.K. Mes
University of Twente
School of Management and Governance

Dep. Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems

P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands

Room: RA 3345 (Ravelijn)
Tel: (+31 53 489)4062
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Martijn Mes is an assistant professor within the department Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems at the University of Twente (Enschede). He holds a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (2002) and did his PhD at the School of Management and Governance, University of Twente (2008). After finishing his PhD, Martijn did his postdoc at Princeton University, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, where he did research on the topics of Ranking and Selection (R&S), Bayesian Global Optimization (BGO), and Optimal Learning. In general, Martijn's research involves healthcare logistics, multi-agent systems (MAS), pricing and auctions in freight transport, dynamic vehicle routing problems (VRP & DVRP), ranking and selection problems (R&S), optimal learning, approximate dynamic programming (ADP), simulation optimization, discrete-event simulation, and simulation of logistics and healthcare systems. Martijn participated in various research and implementation projects (national as well as European) on the topics of sustainable logistics, city distribution, healthcare logistics, port logistics, and intermodal and synchromodal transport. Within the program Industrial Engineering and Management, Martijn provides the following BSc and MSc courses: Simulation, Warehousing, Management of Technology, Supply Chain and Transportation Management, Stochastic Models for Operations Management, Project Process Control and Production Management, and Project Production and Logistics Management.

Research interests


Green logistics


Health care logistics


Multi-agent systems


Pricing and auctions in freight transport


Dynamic vehicle routing problems


Discrete-event simulation


Simulation optimization


Stochastic optimization


Optimal learning


Refereed publications:

P.J.H. Hulshof, M.R.K. Mes, R.J. Boucherie, E.W. Hans (2013). Tactical planning in healthcare using approximate dynamic programming. Flexible Services and Manufacturing. Forthcoming.

R. van der Kooij, M.R.K. Mes, E.W. Hans (2014). Simulation Framework to Analyse Operating Room Release Mechanisms. In Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference, edited by A. Tolk, S. Y. Diallo, I. O. Ryzhov, L. Yilmaz, S. Buckley, and J. A. Miller. Piscataway, New Jersey: IEEE.

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M.R.K. Mes, M.C. van der Heijden, and P.C. Schuur (2009). Dynamic threshold policy for delaying and breaking commitments in transportation auctions. Transportation Research Part C 17(2), pp. 208-223.

M.R.K. Mes (2008). Sequential Auctions for Full Truckload Allocation. PhD thesis, University of Twente.

M.R.K. Mes, M.C. van der Heijden, and Jos van Hillegersberg (2008). Design choices for agent-based control of AGVs in the dough making process. Decision Support Systems 44(4), pp. 983-999.

M.R.K. Mes, M.C. van der Heijden, and A. van Harten (2007). Comparison of agent-based scheduling to look-ahead heuristics for real-time transportation problems. European Journal of Operational Research 181(1), pp. 59–75.

Under review/book chapters/extended abstracts/conference proceedings:

W. van Heeswijk, M.R.K. Mes, and M. Schutten (2015). An approximate dynamic programming approach to urban freight distribution with batch arrivals. Beta Working Paper 274.

A. Pérez Rivera, M.R.K. Mes (2015). Dynamic Multi-period Freight Consolidation. Beta Working Paper 473.

M.R.K. Mes, M.-E. Iacob (2015). Synchromodal Transport Planning at a Logistics Service Provider.

A. Dobrkovic , M.-E. Iacob, J. van Hillegersberg, M.R.K. Mes, and M. Glandrup (2015). Towards an approach for long term AIS-based prediction of vessel arrival times.

I.M.H. Vliegen, M.R.K. Mes, and C.J.M. Doggen (2014). A quantitative analysis of integrating the Emergency Department with a General Practitioner Cooperative. Under review.

Douma, A.M., and M.R.K. Mes (2013). Strategies for dynamic appointment making by container terminals. Under review.

M.R.K. Mes, I.M.H. Vliegen, R. Visser (2012). A Simulation Study of an Integrated Emergency Post. ORAHS 2012 Conference Proceedings, Enschede, The Netherlands.

M.R.K. Mes (2012). Using Simulation to Assess the Opportunities of Dynamic Waste Collection. In Use Cases of Discrete Event Simulation, S. Bangsow (Eds). Springer, pp. 277-307.

Dynamic threshold policy for delaying and breaking commitments in transportation auctions (2007). TRISTAN VI, Phuket Island, Thailand.

Opportunity costs calculation in agent-based vehicle routing and scheduling (2006). Presented at the Odysseus Workshop 2006 in Altea, Spain.

Interviews and articles in the Dutch press:

Forse winst voor Twente Milieu, Tubantia, 2 juli 2013 [dynamische afvalinzameling op basis van sensorinformatie].

Politie zet heli's efficiënter in, Het Parool, 29 juni 2013.

De politie surveilleert steeds vaker vanuit de lucht. Hamvraag is hoe dure vlieguren effectief te maken, NRC Handelsblad, 11 april 2013.

Meer blauw in de lucht, NRC Next, 9 april 2013.

Politiehelikopters surveilleren daar waar al eens iets gebeurde, website NRC (, 9 April 2013.

Pakkans criminelen stijgt aanzienlijk, website University of Twente (, 9 April 2013.

Statistiek bepaalt route politieheli, Nederlands Dagblad, 9 April 2013.

Televisie interview met Rick van Urk over een computerprogramma voor bepaling van vliegroutes voor de politiehelikopters, Hart van Nederland, 9 April 2013.

Radio interview met Martijn Mes over een computerprogramma voor bepaling van vliegroutes voor de politiehelikopters, Enschede FM, 9 April 2013.

Radio interview met Rick van Urk over een computerprogramma voor bepaling van vliegroutes voor de politiehelikopters, RTV Oost, 9 April 2013.

Intelligencegestuurde luchtsteun, vliegen op hoog niveau, website Politie (, 9 april 2013.

Innovatief plansysteem voor Rotterdamse haven, website Universiteit Twente (, 3 april 2013.

Spoedpost meer gebaat bij extra huisarts of verpleegkundige?, website Universiteit Twente (, 28 maart 2013.

‘The Sims’ in de huisartsenpost, Tubantia, December 2012.

Spoedpost Almelo landelijk voorbeeld, Tubantia, November 2012.

Spoedpost overleeft kinderziektes, Tubantia, Mei 2011 & 112 Netwerk, juni 2011.

UT onderzoekt de Almelose Spoedpost, Tubantia, 24 mei 2011.

BATMAN maakt Rotterdamse haven slimmer, diverse publicaties (, september 2011.

Motion in meel. Interview in Aandrijven & Besturen, No. 10, October 22, 2008.

Coping with uncertainty in transport planning. Interview in CTIT progress report 2007-2008.

Tricky dat alle kennis in het hoofd van de planner zit. Interview in Nieuwsblad Transport, No. 14, April 2, 2008.

Minder vrachtwagens leeg onderweg dankzij 'agents' met vooruitziende blik. Press release about my PhD research. Several newspaper reports have appeared. For example in (March 28, 2008), Automatisering Gids (March 27, 2008), Nieuwsblad Transport (March 27, 2008) and many others.

Beter dan traditionele routeplanner. Interview with A. van Harten and M.R.K. Mes in IT Logistiek, No. 6, June 1, 2004.

Selection of presentations

Conference presentations at the INFORMS Annual Meetings:


INFORMS 2014 (San Francisco, CA)


INFORMS 2013 (Minneapolis, MN)


INFORMS 2012 (Phoenix, AZ)


INFORMS 2011 (Charlotte, NC)


INFORMS 2010 (Austin, TX)


INFORMS 2009 (San Diego, CA)


INFORMS 2008 (Washington, DC)

Selection of recent invited talks:


Tactical Planning in Healthcare using Approximate Dynamic Programming with Bayesian Exploration – ORIE/SCAN Seminar Fall 2013 - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, 2013.


Dynamic Routing of Container Vessels, Waste Trucks and Police Helicopters – DO&IT (Decision, Operations & Information Technologies) Seminar Series Fall 2013 – University of Maryland, Maryland, MD, USA, 2013.

Selection of demonstration videos of simulation models

Integrated Emergency Post

Simulation of an Integrated Emergency Post (Emergency Department and General Practitioner Post).

[view] [download]

Waste Collection

Simulation of Waste Collection from Underground Containers (Inventory Routing Problem).

[view] [download]

Industrial Bakery

Simulation of Automated Guided Vehicles used in the Dough Making Process in an Industrial Bakery.

[view] [download]

Underground Logistic System

Simulation of an Underground Logistic System aimed to be built at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

[view] [download]


Master lectures:

201100163 Management of Technology for PLM (teacher)

191820210 Simulation (teacher)

191820190 Supply Chain and Transportation Management (teacher, with M.C. van der Heijden and P.C. Schuur)

191820120 Warehousing (teacher, with P.C. Schuur)

Bachelor lectures:

191530881 Stochastische Modellen in Operations Management (teacher, with L. van der Wegen)

194121040 Project: processen en procesbesturing (teacher)

194121070 Project Productie & Logistiek Management (teacher)

201300023 Module 1: Introductie Technische Bedrijfskunde (tutor)

201300024 Module 2: Operations Management (tutor)

201300108 Module 3: Business Intelligence and IT (tutor)

201400265 Module 6: Consumentenproducten (tutor)


Transportation, green logistics, health care logistics, multi-agent systems, auctions, freight transport, dynamic vehicle routing problems, stochastic optimization, optimal learning, machine learning, planning, scheduling, logistics, simulation.

Publication archive

Full electronic versions of my publications can be retrieved from UTpublications.

PhD thesis and defence (2008)


Thesis: Sequential Auctions for Full Truckload Allocation


Layman's talk: Real-time transportplanning met agents (Dutch)


Summary: Samenvatting van het proefschrift (Dutch)


Press release: Minder vrachtwagens leeg onderweg dankzij 'agents' met vooruitziende blik (Dutch)

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