Chemistry in confinement

In physics and chemistry the mesoscopic scale is the length scale at which one can reasonably discuss material properties or phenomena without having to discuss individual atom behaviour. Applied research at this scale is covered by the fields of nanotechnology and microtechnology (including microsystem technology, MST, micro electromechanical systems, MEMS, and microreaction technology).

The aim of the research group Mesoscale Chemical Systems is to study the behaviour and control of fluids, including miscible and immiscible liquids, gases and two-phase gas-liquid systems and of the chemical species contained in these fluids in a confined environment and more specifically, near plain, nanostructured and/or reactive surfaces and interfaces. The group is a very active user of the NanoLab clean room facilities and collaborates with many of the groups participating in the nanotechnology research institute MESA+

MCS is one of the four research groups in the domain Catalytic Systems & Micro-devices, within the Faculty Science and Technology. This domain highlights the collaborations with microfluidics colleagues in the group Soft Matter, Fluidics and Interfaces (SFI) led by Prof. Lammertink and catalysis colleagues in the groups Catalytic Processes and Materials headed by prof. Lefferts and Photo-catalytic Fuel Synthesis (PCS) headed by Prof. Mul.

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Latest news

250,000 euros subsidy for UT spin-off MyLife Technologies

MyLife Technologies BV, a spin-off company of UT research institute MESA+, received a subsidy of 250,000 euros of the ministries of Education, Culture and Science and Economic Affairs, in the form of a loan. The subsidy is intended for converting scientific innovative knowledge into commercial applications. The company develops sticking plasters that have hundreds of tiny needles in them, with which you can painlessly administer vaccines in a completely new fashion. ... read more


Technologiestichting STW heeft vijf Valorisaton Grants (subsidies) uitgereikt aan onderzoekers van de Universiteit TWente. De tweede subsidie gaat naar onderzoekers David Fernandez Rivas en Bram Verhaagen voor hun innovatieve reinigingstechniek BuBclean. ... read more

Young business award

At the annual MESA+ meeting on the 18th of September 2012, David Fernandez Rivas (MCS) and Bram Verhaagen (POF) won the Young Business Award 2012 ... read more

Rhyme Scene Investigation

Brigitte Bruijns of the MCS group was one of the prize winners of a competition during the EAFS2012 conference in The Hague and therefore was invited to have an informal drink with the Queen. ... read more