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Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard

Our secretary ... read more

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Roger Brunet Espinosa wins Awards at NCCC XVII

Roger Brunet Espinosa won one of three NIOK lecture awards for best PhD presentation ... read more


From waste stream to sustainable fuel

Many industrial processes produce large quantities of waste water containing all kinds of chemicals. These contaminated water streams can be used to produce hydrogen gas with help of catalysts without vaporizing the water. However, the conversion of the available chemicals into hydrogen is a difficult process, and in order to make it efficient, a detailed understanding of the chemical reactions taking place on the surface of the catalyst is required. A device, designed by Kamila Koichumanova from UT research institute MESA+, can supply important new information about this process. It enables scientists to observe what happens at the catalyst surface during the reaction in liquid water, so that they are able to improve the catalyst and the conditions of the reaction. Koichumanova will obtain her doctoral degree for her research at the University of Twente on 7 October. ... read more

Jie Zhu

Jie Zhu promoted September 16th, 2015

PhD thesis entitled: “Macro-Structured Carbon Nanofibers Catalysts on Titania Extrudate and Cordierite Monolith for Selective Hydrogenation”. ... read more