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The storage of energy is one of the key challenges in the energy transition. Sustainable, high-density and flexible batteries are needed to balance the fluctuating production of renewable power with demand. The Twente Centre for Advanced Battery Technology brings together all battery research activities at the University of Twente. The goal is to advance research to realize breakthrough solutions for next-generation battery technology in a systemic approach and by addressing the complete battery value chain. 

Our centre focuses on four different missions:

Four missions

  • Next generation battery cells/packs integration

    Design and realise innovative and integral concepts for battery cell/pack to increase energy density, charging rate and lifetime for mobility, portables and stationary use.

    Involved expertises:

    • Advanced materials/chemistry
    • Electronics / Battery management systems
    • Embedded software
    • Integrated sensors
    • Thermal management
  • Advanced manufacturing strategies and production design

    Develop efficient and sustainable battery production processes and supply chain, enabling significant cost reduction and increasing safety.

    Involved expertises:

    • Production Equipment and Process Methods/Chains
    • Smart Manufacturing/Automated production
    • Energy and Resource Efficiency
    • Quality Management
    • Digital twinning
  • Towards a circular battery value chain

    Realize a fair and sustainable battery value chain in a social and global context with improved Life Cycle Analysis and recycling.

    Involved expertises:

    • Raw materials, mining and mineral exploration (incl. socioeconomics, geopolitics)
    • Recycling Methods
    • Policy and Governance
    • Business Models and 2nd life Applications
  • Smart battery applications

    Optimize mobile and stationary battery applications to enable sustainable energy generation and use, and ensure a resilient grid

    Involved expertises:

    • Smart Grid and Energy Management Systems
    • Advanced Mobility Concepts
    • Power Electronics 
    • Local Energy Communities (incl. policies, socioeconomics, human behaviour)
    • Grid Stabilization (industrial/commercial)
    • Safety (engineering, testing, certification)

At the University of Twente extensive expertise in battery research is located in all faculties, MESA+ Institute for NanotechnologyDigital Society Institute and Fraunhofer Project Center. A wide range of battery research and development projects are ongoing in collaboration with industry ranging from new fundamental storage concepts to solving applied industrial challenges. The University of Twente participates in the Battery Safety Test Center (BSTC), a state of art test- and certification center for batteries, focused on (fire) safety at the Twente Safety Campus.


Introduction of the Twente Centre for Advanced Battery Technology in a short movie:

Programme coordinator

As part of the Centre for Energy Innovation we provide a single point of contact for interested industrial companies and governmental organizations. Together with our partners we create a strong position in regional, national, European and global battery research collaborations.

Are you interested in working with us? Contact our programme coordinator for more information.  

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