The research of EMS is application oriented and greatly benefits from its internationally recognized expertise and unique infrastructure on applied superconductivity and cryogenics. The main focus is on sustainable energy, with the ambition of developing technologies, materials and systems that play a key role in our future energy chains. We investigate the application of superconductivity in the power grid (e.g. superconducting cables for transport of electric power), as well as the application of cryogenic technologies and materials for liquid energy carriers such as liquid natural gas and hydrogen. The group has an excellent track record in international pioneering projects on sustainable energy (such as ITER on nuclear fusion), but also in non-energy related, but very challenging, projects at CERN and ESA.



Sorption cooler for European Extremely Large Telescope

A vibration-free cooling system is under investigation for the European-Extremely Large Telescope that most probably will be realized in Chile. In this project, high efficient, high power sorption coolers will be designed and the cooling chain will be optimized. ... read more


Multi-physics modeling of cabled ITER superconductors

Testing model coils or short samples of large current – high magnet field composite conductors often leads to results which are difficult to understand. The challenging and complex interaction of all involved phenomena, e.g., lattice strain and damage, material diffusion processes, magnet field, current sharing ... read more