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University Council

The University Council is the central participation body of the University of Twente and holds regular consultations with the Executive Board, which enables the University Council to exert influence or give advice on the policy of the University of Twente at a central level.  The Executive Board is the highest governing body of the University of Twente and consists of three members: a Chair, Vice-Chair and the Rector magnificus.

The University Council consists of 18 members, nine of whom are from the staff section and nine from the student section. The following parties are represented on the council: Campus Coalition, PvdUT, Lijst P-NUT, Lijst Weppelman, UReka and DAS. The UT has employee participation bodies at various levels, each with its own powers. Consultation at the local level is carried out by the faculty councils and service councils.

The faculties are managed by multi-person faculty boards. Our faculty boards consist of: the dean and the portfolio holders for education, research and operational management. In addition, a student joins the faculty board in the role of advisor (student-assessor). The Faculty Board is responsible for the general management and administration of the faculty. This includes the organization of the faculty for education, the practice of science and contributing to the administration of the university.

The following persons are members of the University Council:

Staff: Herbert Wormeester (CC), Hanneke Becht (CC), Cynthia Souren (CC), Petra de Weerd - Nederhof (CC), Pieter Boerman (CC), Emile Dopheide (CC), Dick Meijer (PvdUT), Jacqueline Weppelman - ter Meulen (List Weppelman) and Anton Atanasov (List P-NUT).

Students: Sjoerd van den Belt, Jeroen Assink, Imke Verschuren, Tim Achterkamp, Atis Kazaferi, Jaime de Bruin (Ureka), Giel van Weezel, Danique Damen and Bram van Uden (DAS).

University Council Office:

Laila Tijink and Irena Olde Engberink.