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Thesis assignments

Bachelor and Master course students: you’re invited to join us!
We invite skilled bachelor and master course students with a physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, or advanced technology background to perform experimental, computational or theoretical research with us. Depending on your background and interest we have various research projects available: e.g. – the full reconstruction of the layered film profile with atomic resolution by using X-ray reflectometry, or – the development of a new technique called Grazing Incidence Small Angle X-ray Scattering, – the development of a radiation source of 6.7 nm radiation, or – the usage of optics to assess EUV light sources at our industrial partner labs. Our group provides a dynamic work place, open communication, and aims for highest quality research. We facilitate all professional and personal development.

Interested candidates are invited to contact Dr. Eric Louis (, Prof. Fred Bijkerk (, or you can contact the respective representative of the assignment.
A lab tour, before a possible application, can usually be arranged by contacting one of us.

contribution of second layer scattering in Low Energy Ion Scattering Low Energy Ion Scattering (LEIS) is a surface analysis technique almost exclusively sensitive to a topmost layer composition. detecting hydrogen from the sputtered ion signal in low-energy ion scattering Low-energy ion scattering (LEIS) probes the outermost atomic layer of a surface by backscattering of noble gas ions. synthesis of multilayer structures with atomic scale layer thickness This project aims for the development of multilayer systems for the use as spectroscopic elements. flying circus spectrometer: a tool for understanding EUV light sources The XUV Optics group is undertaking an exciting spin-off project based on a newly developed optical component: a nanoscale patterned transmission grating that enables high resolution spectroscopy in the XUV wavelength range. laser measurement of surface temperature Fast local and fast measurements of temperature is useful tool for example in research of heat transfer, or temperature control of thin film deposition. analysis of XRD data from Y films The goal is to analyze the shape an parameters of XRD peaks fitting them with pseudo Voight function. measurement and preliminary analysis of crystallline sizes in thin metallic films To measure X-ray diffraction plots from various thin metallic films optimizing measurement conditions with the goal to select the best measurement scheme and determine the best measurement scheme and determine the instrumental function of different optical elements. in-house grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy In many fields of modern research scientists are dealing with thin films.